Art and decoration to make your spaces communicate sensations of luxury, uniqueness and taste

Here you have a quick list of what you can find in this site

Sculpture rental

Renting a sculpture instead of buying it is a smart way to enjoy artwork in your home or your office without a considerable expense.

It is the best idea if your buisness needs to offer your clients a distinguished but ever-changing environment, as you can replace your piece for a new one every six months

It can also be the way to make a test for a small amount of money before taking the step to buy, as you recover 50% of what you have paid for rental in the form of discount when buying a sculpture or any other product in the website

Modular Raised Bed System

The only modular raised bed system that allows you to enjoy the unique style of the corten steel the easy way.

As simple as puting a few nuts and bolts together, with zero maintenance and 100% customizable. For independent installation, attached to a wall, corner …

Fill in a simple form and receive your custom quote in less than 24 hours.

Garden decoration

The first step to create you own style is not to copy what everyone does.

The design and decoration of the spaces we inhabit influences our mood and even our behaviour.

The values of strenght, nobility and endurance that steel communicates will give your garden a unique style that will make it stand above the crowd.

Sculpture for sale

You can go a bit further beyond decoration and achieve unique sensations entering the domain of art.

Create a space that stimulates you imagination and un-plugs you from your daily concerns.

An inspired life starts with an inspiring place.

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