If you want to enjoy a luxury style with zero maintenance, read on

When installing raised beds in your garden

¿What are your options?


  • Protection treatments are not 100% effective
  • Even the best wood needs some maintenance
  • The price is definitely high


  • You need a qualified professional to build it
  • It is also expensive, specially if you want stone or concrete
  • With come materials you will need to isolate it from moisture


  • Humidity and icing will definitely brake them
  • Aesthetics is more than arguable
  • Installation is not straight forward and the structure is weak

Now you can enjoy a top material, a simple mounting system and forget about maintenance forever.

With our unique corten steel raised bed modular system

Enjoy the style of corten steel without the usual hustle

  • ZERO maintenance
  • 100% resistant to moisture, icing, fungi
  • Quick installation with nuts and bolts
  • Premium aesthetics

Corten steel is among the most desired materials for designers and artists all around the world, besides being and endurance champion

The contrast with the colours of your plants boosts the beauty of your garden and creates an atmosphere of unique style

  • Pieces are light enough for a single person to handle them, so you do not need help
  • The resistance of the structure allows an adult to sit or even stand on the edge
  • Its strengh comes from shape and not form material thickness

You can install a raised bed of any shape anywhere you want

You can even modify an existing bed or move ot to another location if you need to

Reference kits

  • Here you have some examples of sample kits and prices
  • The kits are delivered in raw-condition.
  • Rust acceleration is also available
  • Stainless nuts and bolts are always included

Kit JMAC-25

  • 300 x 150 cm
  • Altura 25 cm
  • Borde 10 cm
  • 6 piezas

PVP 457 €

Kit JMAC-50

  • 300 x 150 cm
  • Altura 50 cm
  • Borde 10 cm
  • 6 piezas

PVP 537 €

Kit AD-25

  • 150 x 75 cm
  • Altura 25 cm
  • Borde 10 cm
  • 3 piezas

PVP 197 €

Kit AD-50

  • 150 x 75 cm
  • Altura 50 cm
  • Borde 10 cm
  • 3 piezas

PVP 237 €

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